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Seeking CNC Machining Suppliers for our Shop-to-Shop Initiative

We are beginning a complimentary initiative to connect CNC Machine Shops that have capacity (supplier shops) with other CNC machine shops that need capacity (buyer shops). The purpose is simple – there are many shops in our industry that have a need for the service. They are busy and have a need for extra CNC machining capacity.

The need is initially filled through overtime. If the need remains, attempts are made to hire more CNC machinists or operators or add new equipment. The difficulty the CNC machining industry has with attracting qualified talent is well-publicized. It isn’t easy. It is a seller’s market for CNC machining talent.

When the buyer shop runs through the conventional steps and still finds themselves in need of CNC machining capacity help, the option of partnering with another shop is a consideration. By definition, other CNC machine shops meet the needs of the buyer shop – of course they can program, set up and run CNC machining centers and CNC lathes – they are in the business of doing it for themselves.

It takes time to identify CNC machine shops willing to work for other shops and it isn’t something most shops spend time doing. They don’t want to advertise for the role because they do not necessarily want their Customers to know that they are in need of that help; they are concerned about the signal it sends. By coming here, buyer shops can be connected with shops that have the capacity they need that have already expressed an interest in working for other CNC machine shops. The buyer is able to be connected with willing suppliers without the need to publicly advertise or invest the time required to call around or or search the internet for possible sources.

If it is complimentary, what is in it for, you might ask? There are a few things:

1)  This site is dedicated to advancing the interests of the CNC machining niche of the manufacturing industry. Helping CNC machine shops in this manner is consistent with that purpose.

2) As time goes by and the systems are ready for “prime time,” this site will offer consulting services and items like ISO QMS certification packages. The hope is that shops in need of such services that have benefited from their interaction with this site will be inclined to use the services offered here.

3) The time and effort required to do the vetting to make sure that buyers and suppliers conduct their business in a manner consistent with the values expressed on this site would be enormous. Rather than that, this initiative leverages the reach of a website to solicit interest from suppliers, enter their CNC machining capacity into a database and be ready to provide an introduction when a buyer shop asks for it. The two shops will then be connected and will be free to define the terms of their relationship as they see fit.

4) Among the consulting services this space will offer is producibility support for EOM’s undertaking cost-reducing initiatives. That service will potentially include identifying sourcing options. The opportunity to work with CNC Machine Shops on this complimentary project may identify solid alliances for that other endeavor.

We are seeking CNC machine shops that seek opportunity working for other CNC shops.

Successful suppliers will have:

1) Capacity in CNC vertical milling, CNC horizontal milling and/or CNC turning.

2) Email capability.

3) A willingness to sign non-disclosure and non-complete agreements.

4) An understanding that they will often be taking jobs at target pricing.

5) A stated commitment to quality and delivery.

6) An understanding that quality and delivery metrics will be tracked and opportunities will depend on these metrics.

7) A willingness to communicate via phone and email as part of a vetting process.

CNC machining Supplier Shops will have their machining capacity entered into a database in advance of soliciting Buyer companies. This is not a listing site with thousands of company names and links to their websites posted on a page together in hopes that a buyer finds their listing. The buyer in this model is a CNC machining supplier in need of capacity help. The database consists of CNC machining suppliers with the capacity to offer them the help they need.

It is that simple. This is a Business to Business trading portal in which the Buyer Shop’s needs will be matched with the Supplier Shop’s CNC machining capacity. If you'd like to take part, please fill out the "Let's Get Busy" form below. The more information that can be provided, the fewer follow-up questions will be required.

If you prefer email over filling out a form, please use

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