CNC Machining Capacity Available to Other CNC Machine Shops


Seeking "Buyer" Shops for CNC Machining Capacity

The Job Shop Blog is offering a complimentary service promoting shop-to-shop trade in the CNC machining industry. We have been soliciting interest from “supplier” shops and are now ready to offer that machining capacity to CNC Machine Shops in need of capacity to help move their backlog.

Our database of Supplier Shops includes shops from all over the United States. Available machining capacity as of 3/12/2020 will be updated often:

  • CNC Milling – 67 machines, with a mix of Vertical Machining Centers, Horizontal Machining Centers, 4th axis indexing and capacity up to 72”.  

  • 5 Axis CNC Milling – 5 machines. Maximum travels are 28.7” in X, 20.1” in Y and 20.1” in Z.

  • CNC Turning – 31 CNC lathes with a capacity up to 38” diameter.

  • CNC Mill/Turn – 5 machines with maximum turning diameter of 15.75” and maximum length of 22.85”

  • Swiss CNC – 7 machines with a maximum bar diameter of 1.25”

  • Other services offered include Laser Cutting, Additive Manufacturing, Welding and manual machinist/toolmaker.

  • We have also expanded the database to include CNC programming. This expansion was made because it can be a very important resource for small CNC machine shops with limited resources. There is currently one CNC programming company in the database. 

We are now prepared to introduce these CNC Machine Shops to Buyer Shops that have use for capacity support. 

Simply complete the CNC Machining Capacity Needed form to be connected with a CNC Machine Shop with the available capacity to help and a desire to work for other CNC Machine Shops. Thorough completion of the form will allow for immediate connection with the needed capacity with no further communication. 

For those that prefer email to filling out a form, please use We can discuss your CNC machining capacity needs via email or we can arrange a phone call or a web meeting.

Just as with the Supplier Shops, company information will not be shared beyond the networking process. The Job Shop Blog maintains the database of capabilities and connects Job shops needing CNC machining capacity with Job shops that have it. It is no more complicated than that. Once the introduction is made and confirmed our involvement ends and the buyer and supplier define their relationship as they see fit for their businesses. Please note, however, that we have a high interest in our buyer and supplier shops and will always welcome feedback from the shops using this service.

All regions of the country are covered by the current database listings, but not all states. Please be sure to specify if location is an important factor in your inquiry. 

Please visit  for a Q&A about the Shop-to-Shop trade initiative for the CNC machining industry.

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