The Job Shop Blog - Continuous Improvement Strategies for CNC Machine Shops

Purpose Statement of the Job Shop Blog

"To help the CNC machining industry to the understanding that it doesn’t have to be hard."

We do so much in this industry because that's how it has always been done. We take ourselves so seriously. We are all-too-often absolute in what we know to be true. 

It is my way or the highway. Can that saying possibly have originated anywhere but in a machine shop?

My own favorite saying and one that I've used frequently over the years is, "we're not putting men on the moon."

In my life and in my work, I've known many brilliant and talented people. I've seen people that can change the dynamics of a room by walking into it. I've seen the proverbial "E.F. Hutton" people in real life. I know people that can put a man on the moon. 

Whether they are machinists and experts in CNC Machining, scientists, engineers, statisticians, salesmen, accountants, bankers, doctors, lawyers or politicians I know and have known what I consider to be the best and the brightest. I've learned from them all.

Among the most important things I've learned over the years are a keen awareness of my own limits and an unshakable belief that we make things much too hard for ourselves.

A rare few people are able to break new ground in this world. The rest of us have a choice to either delude ourselves into thinking we are "special" and spend a lifetime trying to prove it, happily live our lives without giving any of it a second thought, or embrace our "normalness" and have the humility to apply the lessons learned from the ground breakers to make our lives and the lives around us better.

I'm in the last group. Nothing on these pages will break new ground. Instead, these pages will try to put ground already broken into a perspective that can be used to create a Continuous Improvement environment in our CNC Machine Shops that will make them more efficient and less stressful places to work in, manage and own.

CNC milled into a block of aluminum
CNC milled into a block of aluminum